Software Engineer

My name is Paolo Nikko Nuñal and I am a software developer by profession. I have created this site to showcase my skills, experience and projects working in the industry as well as a freelancer. I am an active person who loves to develop applications, writing and an avid PC gamer.

personal info
  • Name: Paolo Nikko D. Nuñal
  • Age : 27 years old
  • Phone : +63 09215833891
  • Email :
  • Address : Verano II. Compound Banawa Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000
my story

My passion for working with codes that I have acquired through the years in the academe and industry have solidified my working knowledge and taught me how to deal with different types of situation in the corporate world.

As an individual, I am keen to learning new knowledge to sustain my educational needs that is required in the industry. I have excellent written and oral communication skills and can work with less to no supervision.

I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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my hobbies
Work life balance
  • Programming
  • travel
  • music
  • cinema
  • gaming


Know more about the developer

The following information contains all the details of the developer regarding his education, experience and projects that he has acquired through his professional career.

Masters in Information Technology
  • Cebu Insitutute of Technology - University
  • Philippines

I graduated as a Masters in Information Technology at the Cebu Institute of Technology with my thesis titled Philhealth Information Queuing System and was used by the government. You can check out the Project section to know more about my thesis.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • University of Cebu - Main Campus
  • Philippines

I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineer with my thesis titled Fishpond Monitoring System. It is an online remote monitoring and alarm system for fishpond using a variety of sensors that measures salinity, temperature, ph, and water level with real time updates 24/7 that alerts users through text or online notification. Our project was also selected as a finalist for, The Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP) and was also selected 2nd Place as Best Project Design from our Computer Engineering Department, which was also covered by the local media. I was also a senior writer for our university's paper as well as a blogger for Android Authourity reviewing apps and mobile phones.

Information Systems Analyst / Systems Developer
  • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
  • Philippines

Working in the government has sharpen my skills as a software engineer. Currently, I am tasked to develop a wide variety of systems applications that will boost the productivity and service quality of the corporation. Additionally, I also deal with hardware and software support for the different regional branches in Philhealth. As well as producing detailed reports, program documentation, and other related I.T tasks if needed.

SEO Analyst
  • Smart Traffic
  • Philippines

As a SEO analyst I was tasked to do analysis on different websites that will enable the client to hit their targeted benchmarks with Google. In which, I provide detailed reports, together with the proper guidelines and suggestions to improve their website rankings. Afterwhich, I communicate the results with other departments for onsite and offsite implementation.

Gillamacs / STI – Payroll System
  • Front End Developer
  • Gillamacs Marketing / STI Schools

A payroll system customized for the client; with loans and leaves integration. Features include (but do not limit to) employee management, attendance upload/manual entry, payroll management, loans and leaves handling, and reports (from sectioned payslips that comprised the whole letter-sized paper to LQ300-based sheets).

CebCar Online Booking
  • Front End Developer
  • Cebcar Rentals

An online booking application for car rentals. This caters the entire booking process from vehicle and date selection to payment. The payment is currently handled via Paypal.


how good i'm

The following information contains all the details of the developers mastery on different type of technologies.

adobe photoshop
  • Google Analythics & SEO
  • Instal and Configure
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Web Usability
  • Grid & Layout
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Digital Painting
  • Photo Composition
  • Good sense of Tipography
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Video Editing
  • Responsible
  • Diligence
  • Labour
  • Rigor
  • Creative
  • Funny
  • Great Communicator
  • Flexible
  • Personal integrity
  • Positive work ethic
  • Team oriented
  • Reliability


recent projects

The following information contains all the apps, websites and other projects that the developer has made.

Cebcar Rental site

made with Laravel 5 and Google API's
Gillamac Information Payroll System

made with Laravel 5

runs on a local web server
S R A World

made with Laravel 5 and Google API's
Cebu Great Locations

made with Laravel 5 and Google API's
Cebcar Rental site

made with Laravel 5,Google and Paypal API's, Angular, JQuery and Bootstrap technologies
Philhealth Inventory Management Systems

made with PHP,Angular, JQuery and Bootstrap technologies

runs on a local web server
Philhealth Queuing Information Systems

made with Laravel 5, Angular, Java, JQuery and Bootstrap technologies

runs on a local web server
Philhealth Bank Abstract

made with Laravel 5, Angular, JQuery and Bootstrap technologies

runs on a local web server
Android Pocket Reviews

runs on Wordpress (former personal blog)
Sushi Code

runs on Wordpress (Personal blog)